Mobile, Telcos and the Future of Freedom of Speech

Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference
San Francisco, CA | October 25-26, 2011

I was a panelist at the first annual Human Rights Conference – or RightsCon.

Panelists on Mobile, Telcos and the Future of Freedom of Speech talked about the nascent connection between commerce, politics, human rights and information, especially with burgeoning uprisings in the Middle East and beyond.  With the reality of competitive pressures within the industry and the network monopoly of many governments, we looked at some of the industry practices and approaches that are needed to ensure telecoms are not hijacked for repression and abuse. The panelists discussed the realities of operating with infrastructure in country, the business models available to ensure control of the network; and the privacy and mobile security needs of human rights advocates.

The event was livestreamed but there is no video archive.