Data Days: Data Conference and Pioneers

Berlin, Germany | October 1 and 2, 2012

I was a keynote speaker and panelist at an advertising technology conference in Berlin speaking generally about the problems and opportunities in “big data”.

User data is essentially the raw resource in this industry.  Yet this information doesn’t simply magically appear but is typically collected from users.  These raw materials can essentially be broken up into: 

  1. Information knowingly shared publicly with a site or service.
  2. Information shared via a site/service but intended for another recipient (i.e webmail).
  3. Information collected without the user even being aware.

I highlight how this third category seems to be where most of the privacy tensions stem from, how this data is actually not that useful, and how there’s a huge opportunity in trying to engage the user into providing higher quality ‘consensual’ data (which I dubbed ‘fair trade data’).  Thoughts?